Her Excellency Smt. Draupadi Murmu,
Hon’ble Governor of Jharkhand

I share my warm wishes to all the participants of this Yuva Sadan and I hope that they get a lot of knowledge and information from this Sadan. By taking that knowledge ahead with them they will imbibe political thinking and talent which will be useful for the country.

His Excellency Shri Ramesh Bais, The Hon’ble Governor of Jharkhand

“Today we have a maximum youth population. This population should be channelized into various sectors in a constructive way. Youth should take politics as a public service. Vigilant and literate youth should not detach or differ from politics.”

Shri Ravindra Mahto, Hon’ble Speaker Of Jharkhand Vidhansabha

“It is heartwarming that due to Yuva Sadan, the youth will get a chance to participate in the democratic procedure of the country. People will be trained closely on how a person it is a golden opportunity to understand the working of the government.”

Shri Hafiz-ul Hasan, Hon’ble Minister of Art, Culture, Tourism, Sports and Youth Affairs, Govt. Of Jharkhand

“ Programs like Yuva Sadan should reach up to sub-divisional levels. This is not only a programme it is learning. The history of India shows that whenever youth was awakened changes had taken place in the country. I congratulate the team of Yuva Sadan and wish to do similar kind of work in future.”

Shri Raghubar Das, Former CM of Jharkhand

My best wishes to all of you who want to enter the field of politics through Yuva Sadan. Youth power is the power of the nation. The youth of the country, the youth of the state need to play an important role in nation building. The solution to the country’s problems is in politics and therefore more and more young men should come into active politics.

Shri Babulal Marandi, Former CM of Jharkhand

It is a good way to start understanding Indian politics. Active  participation will bring new ideas and development and India would reach to new heights . Looking everything on TV and criticising the legislature is not the way to bring positive change . One needs to volunteer and come out to take the responsibility.

Tejasvi Surya, National Youth President, Bharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha and MP from South Bangalore

It is very happy to know that Yuva Sadan is organising Jharkhand Yuva Sadan: The Youth Assembly mob parliament in Jharkhand to inculcate the values of discussion,debate and democracy amongst the youth of Jharkhand.  All the young people of Jharkhand are requested to actively participate in Jharkhand Yuva Sadan. India as known by all as biggest democratic country and future of this democracy rests upon the shoulders of young Indians. If youth take active participation in policy formulation and knowing the whereabouts of country they could upskill themselves to become the credible voices of people whom they represent and  this participation would surely benefit India .

Dr. D.K Tiwari, Chief Secretary, Jharkhand

Youth from all corners of Jharkhand will participate in this youth assembly. My best wishes for this event. My message to the youth is to come forward and play their active role in building the state. We have high hopes from them. And if they come with determination, they will present their ideal in any field, be it political field or social field. and Seeing them, our other young children, will take inspiration from them.

Senior Advocate Shri Rajiv Ranjan,
Advocate General of Jharkhand

Jharkhand Yuva Sadan: The Youth Assembly is a very great initiative and I think that the purpose for which this is being organised is to expose the youth to the social-political facets of the society and particularly how the assembly and the constitution functions. This is a very important pillar of our democracy. It will give a great insight and provide a different focus to the youth.

Dr. Ajoy Kumar, Ex-IPS, Ex-MP Jamshedpur, National Spokesperson, Indian National Congress

Yuva Sadan will give a platform to the people of Jharkhand , especially students to primarily understand the society, its challenges and come out with practical solutions to the problems by discussing and debating them.

Shri Rahul Sharma, IAS, Secretary, Art, Culture, Tourism, Sports and Youth Affairs, Jharkhand

Jharkhand Yuva Sadan: The Youth Assembly is a great initiative from Yuva Sadan, especially to make youth aware of the basic Parliamentary practices and develop speaking skills and leadership qualities in them. Moreover, it is a platform for their identification of these qualities.

Mohammad Arshi IPS, SP Seraikela

The biggest resource of the world is human resource. And this young generation will only shape the destiny of nation. Yuva Sadan is organising Jharkhand Yuva Sadan: The Youth Assembly where a person can learn about legislative process of the states, how Vidhan sabha works, the procedure of passing a bill ,debates and discussions . All the people specifically the young generation are requested to participate in the event.