Yuva Sadan

 Yuva Sadan is a policy and research organization based out of the State of Jharkhand. Our key focus area is policy research, formulation of policy, its impact research assessment, concurrently encouraging ‘yuva’ public policy enthusiasts to work with the government of Jharkhand.

We believe once given opportunities and ample exposure the youth of Jharkhand can help the government and its machinery to work efficiently and cost effectively.

Yuva Sadan Organization, wants to promote the youth to not only understand the purpose behind public policy but also directly participate in governance and look after policy implementation.

Why Join Yuva Sadan?

Our goal is to serve as a bridge of ideas between the decision makers of today and the leaders of tomorrow by providing the youth with a platform to speak and opportunities to learn. This would help them make meaningful contributions in the process of nation building.


  • To make youth understand the parliamentary procedure.
  • Prepare Intellectual future leaders for the Nation.
  • To engage the nation’s youth of age between 18 – 28 in active politics.
  • To make youth consider public issues and form their own opinion about them.
  • To develop in youth the respect and tolerance for the views of others.