(Established on 05.06.2023 under SkyTech Project Consultancy- IIIT, Ranchi & Yuva Sadan)

SkyTech Project Consultancy- IIIT, Ranchi & Yuva Sadan

Managed by Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Ranchi and Yuva Sadan, Ranchi

Add: Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Ranchi, at JUT, Science and Technology Campus, Namkum, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834010.


The goal of the CSR Cell is to support and assist mission-driven organizations and philanthropists in achieving breakthrough impact by acquainting them with society’s most important challenges, opportunities and needs. Specifically, in the initial phase, the focus of work would be to initiate the following: 

  1. Establishment and functioning of the CSR Cell; 

  2. Providing Consultancy Services to Corporate(s) and Non-Profits Organisation(s); 

  3. Initiate a Research and Development wing within the CSR Cell for Analytics, Project Management, Programme Management, Grant Management, Policy Advisory, Project Optimization and Proposal Research Lab;

  4. Initiate academic and skill-building programmes for young entrepreneurs and women.


The CSR cell aims to aid the social responsibility of the corporate sector by providing a framework to support social improvement projects that are sustainable and scalable and to help develop the society within our overall mission.

Main objectives of CSR Cell are:

  1. To be a reliable and effective implementation agency for development projects through CSR;

  2. To establish and improve processes and procedures within for effective project implementation and governance;

  3. To guide Corporate for CSR project management and policy on long term partnership;

  4. To guide Non-Profits in project development, donor alignment and report preparation;

  5. To provide technological support to Corporate/Donors and Non- Profits Organisation /Donnee for project monitoring, tracking and implementation;

  6. To do compliances, and paper works for Non-Profits and Corporate(s); 

  7. To support Non-Profits Organisation and Corporate in project implementation and providing human resource in form of technical advisors, resource persons and employee;

CSR Cell works to: 

  • Identify existing projects and programs for sustainability and scalability.

  • Approach corporate(s) for funding capital expenditure projects for regular campus maintenance and improvement of existing rehabilitation related initiatives.

  • Approach corporate(s) for new initiatives for expansion and diversification in line with our objectives and mission.

  • Realign the existing framework of programs to meet the changing legislative scenario.



Successful Corporate Social Responsibility programs require a holistic approach and a strategic alignment of CSR objectives with overall business and growth strategy of the organization. CSR Cell will have its consultancy wing which will offer programme management solutions to help corporations effectively manage their projects and their strategy to maximize the impact and social return on investment. 


Research, Conceptualization, Design and Drafting and Implementation will be the key function of the CSR cell. Various works to be undertaken can be broadly classified as under: 

Project Design – We will assist corporations in defining road map for implementing their CSR objectives. It involves identification of the problem, alignment of the solution with business’ social objectives and various analysis for available resources.

Selecting Implementing Partners– We will select credible CSOs/ Non- Profits with relevant expertise so as to implement projects in the most effective and efficient manner to attain desired results on ground.

Implementation – CSR Cell will ensures effective implementation of the projects by conducting regular on-field checks in congruence with the objectives of the intervention. Our expertise in developing innovative interventions to map developmental change will be instrumental in providing sustainable solutions to address ground-level challenges.

Monitoring and Evaluation – We understand that businesses require effective management of the projects. We will develop a robust project optimization system which will be an amalgamation of both human intelligence and artificial intelligence. The block-chain based decentralized platform will acquire real-time on-ground data through mobile applications ensuring greater efficiency and transparency for the stakeholders involved. The system will provide traceability of the records all throughout the project – life cycle. Our partners can track the status of their respective projects from our cloud-based dashboards remotely. The dashboard will make the data available readily for effective analysis and measurement.  Analysis and reports will be disseminated through cloud-based dashboards.

Media & Communications – Effective communication is an integral part of a project cycle. Our media team will work in close coordination with relevant teams to create effective communication strategies to keep the stakeholders informed about the status of interventions. The process includes disseminating project related literature through social media and media.

Proposal Research Lab – The in-house team at CSR Cell, will be regarded among the best CSR consultants in Jharkhand and India with its versatile knowledge and strong programmatic background conceptualise and design effective projects customised to the specific needs of the corporations and civil society organisations across India in the field of Social Sector especially “Livelihood, Education, Health, Skills and Environment”. What makes this approach unique are the concepts and initiatives are evidence-based, supplemented by discussions with relevant stakeholders capturing ground zero situation and data which are nationally and internationally relevant. The proposals and concepts are a direct outcome of the needs of the community which are captured through mixed research methods. The information obtained will be validated and triangulated to ensure accuracy.

Officers at the cell:

The officers of the CSR cell will function as the frontline CSR professionals within the cell to manage the CSR activities and projects for consultancy undertaken by the cell. The team will consist of One (1) Head CSR, Two (2) Officers as Associates and One (1) PR Professional. The number of Staffs may be increased as per requirements and financial capacity of the cell. The cell will be responsible for maintaining records of all project proposals, execution of the projects, conducting periodic Executive Committee meetings and CSR reporting with support and guidance of Principal Advisor and group of Advisors.


Both the organizations will jointly organize lectures/workshops/introduce other innovative strategies to help students understand the importance and role of CSR, Public Policy, Advocacy and need of Social Sector and non-profit institutions in their daily lives.

The cell will also aim to create a cadre of youth specializing in CSR knowledge systems and try to provide them employment opportunities within the cell or outside in Non-Profits, Social sectors and corporate engaged in CSR activities. 

Recognition can be sought from the appropriate ministries/departments in either central/state government so that the cell can be linked to self-employment and entrepreneurship activities.